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Air Heater Applications

Difficult air heater application? Not anymore.

A variety of industrial product applications requiring a heated air source use air heaters, including refractory material, paper products, kaolin, pulverized coal, fertilizers, fiber, grain, minerals, pigments, and chemicals.

Air heaters are typically used on industrial dryers such as spray dryers, drum dryers, fluid bed dryers, rotary dryers, and tunnel dryers. Other Process Air Heater system applications include pulverizers, ovens, reactors, vaporizers, and calciners.

PCC supplies reliable, custom-designed, heavy duty process air heaters for many industrial applications—even those some may consider “difficult.” In fact, that’s our specialty. Some of the unique design parameters may include:

  • High process air temperatures
  • High pressure applications up to 300 psig
  • Ultra clean combustion using fuel oils and other fuel sources
  • Multi-fuel firing capability
  • Low emissions for CO and NOx
  • Inert gas streams
  • Explosion proof and corrosive environments
  • Robust heavy duty equipment
  • Sophisticated controls

Our unique and diverse customer base and broad range of application experience provides PCC with the expertise to design a process air heater system for any application. Even yours.


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