Packaged Combustion Systems

Simple. Effective. Budget-friendly.

Introducing PCC's line of Packaged Combustion Systems (PCS). These pre-engineered, standardized combustion systems have been designed to perform in a variety of applications with impressive fuel efficiency, VOC destruction, and a compact footprint. Each model was created with respect to common flow rates and compositions from a variety of industries. The PCS Series of thermal oxidizers are also ideal for biogas, landfill gas, and digester gas.


Our PCS models were designed with attention to the customers' needs. Honestly, these are simple, effective systems that are budget-friendly. Each system is completely "plug and play" and skid-mounted to minimize field work and ease of installation. Contact us today to discuss your next project and how we can help.

Model Packaged Combustion Systems Benefits:

High Turndown


Hard Castable Refractory


VFD on Fan

Allen-Bradley PLC with Touchscreen


Fuel Efficient


Compact Footprint


Plug & Play Installation


Heat Recovery Capable

PCS Sizing Information


Packaged Combustion Systems Industries include:

(See Home Page for ALL Industries/Markets served)


PCC's packaged thermal oxidizers can be utilized for waste or tail gas streams from siloxane removal systems or methane upgrading to high Btu gas.

Digester Gas

The PCS Series of thermal oxidizer ideally suited for digester gas applications associated with agriculture and municipal waste water treatment.

Vent Gas

PCC's oxidizers can serve as vapor destruction units at tank farms or truck/rail car loading facilities.

Landfill Gas

PCC offers several options for the treatment of off-gases and other wastes associated with the purification and enhanced processing of landfill and digester gases. From simple to very complex systems, PCC can provide a suitable solution.

Process Waste Streams

PCC's combustion systems have been proven to effectively process a wide variety of process waste streams from refineries to chemical plants.


PCC welcomes open discussion regarding your process and possibility of using combustion-based pollution control as a solution for your application.

PCC Integration

With more than 1,000 systems successfully operating throughout the world, we’ve custom designed systems for many Fortune 500 companies ranging from $150,000 to more than $15 million.

PCC has experience working with many systems.  With installations successfully operating in over 35 countries, PCC has the knowledge and experience to integrate a new system with your current operating platform.

International Quality Certification, LLC

PCC's Quality Management System is certified in conformance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

PCC's adherence to consistent and predictable systems is a cornerstone of our long-term track record of success.

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