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In Pittsburgh, innovation isn’t an option. It’s a requirement.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: “The Steel City,” “The City of Bridges,” “Most Livable City,” and home to Process Combustion Corporation (PCC) headquarters since 1969.

Our 50-year history gives us the experience to understand our customer’s needs and concerns and design our equipment to solve their problems. We also strive to move forward with a culture that consistently invents new and better ways to do what we do: engineer, design, and manufacture combustion heat transfer and pollution control systems for industries worldwide.

Mission Statement

PCC’s mission is to apply our know-how with confidence to design, supply, and service high-tech, energy efficient, dependable combustion and pollution control systems that provide cost effective environmental solutions for our global customers.

We will work hard together to achieve mutually rewarding long-term relationships with our clients and suppliers, and we will continuously develop new technologies to meet emerging market needs.

PCC Quality Policy Statement

Process Combustion Corporation (PCC) specializes in providing our customers with process specific, custom designed oxidation solutions. Ultimately, PCC strives to foster enduring relationships with our customers through the on-time delivery of integrated systems that perform to design requirements. We promote a commitment to satisfy applicable requirements, continual improvement and setting of Quality Objectives established within our ISO 9001 system. PCC measures its performance in three specific areas: customer satisfaction, equipment performance, and on-time delivery.

Our customers demand and deserve the best quality products. PCC shall meet and exceed these expectations with a well trained workforce, technological expertise, and an entire organization committed to continuous improvement through the ISO Quality Management System.

The Quality Manager assures the implementation of the Quality System requirements; but every member of the team shares the responsibility to seek continuous improvements in our products and processes. One of PCC's defining characteristics is that every employee takes pride in both what we do and how we do it. We must collectively expect that Quality Problems be both identified and solved at the lowest practicable level of the organization with urgency, technical efficiency, and economy. Any problems that cannot be resolved between departments shall be brought to my attention for final resolution.

-Will Huebner, CEO, PCC Group


For over 50 years...

Process Combustion Corporation (PCC) has designed, supplied combustion, heat transfer & pollution control systems worldwide. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, USA; with offices in Beijing, China; London, England; and Mumbai, India. PCC is recognized as a global leader in pollution control systems. Our creative designs minimize system costs, especially energy consumption, while meeting environmental regulations.

Core Competencies and Services

Project Management

Every order is assigned an experienced Project Engineer to keep your project on schedule.

Biological System Design

Biologic system design is an art. Not only must the vessel be sized correctly, but also the type of media, bacteria, and nutrients. Everything must work together to have a healthy effective system.

Electrical Design

PCC designs, builds and programs our own electrical panels and systems. The brain of your system must be correct to achieve consistent and proper results. All of our panels are factory tested and checked to insure easy start up for you.

Construction Management

PCC can provide on-site supervision during construction and installation to help keep your project on time, and insure the equipment is installed properly.

Process Engineering

Our Process Engineers use Aspen, CFD, and various other internal programs to analyze and properly design your system.

Mechanical Design

PCC can design your structural supports, platform and ladders, piping and other mechanical components. We internally calculate structural loads to ensure proper design.

Computer Aided Design

PCC conceptualizes and draws all of our own systems. Whether its 2D or 3D, our designers transform the concept into reality always keeping in mind the day to day requirements needed for easy operation.

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System Integration

PCC will design and supply your complete system to ensure everything works together like a well-oiled machine. Our team has experience with all types of APC equipment and the best way to integrate with our oxidation system

Refractory Design

PCC uses our experience to design and supply the most appropriate refractory system for your application. One size does not fit all. Make sure the heart of your system is correct.

System Automation

Making it all work together is the key to any systems success. Our I & C Engineers check and integrate all of your equipment are designed and functioning according to specifications. PCC can assist in integrating all of your equipment into a central DSC system

System Tuning

Routine tuning service on your equipment always for optimal fuel usage and minimum emissions. Whether it’s our system or someone else’s, allow PCC to inspect, adjust, and insure your system is working well.

Cut Through the Red Tape

Red tape is an idiom that refers to excessive regulation or rigid conformity to formal rules that is considered redundant or bureaucratic and hinders or prevents action or decision-making.

Between needless policies, endless paperwork, and a lack of decision-making authority, you can start to wonder if the corporate rule-makers are actively trying to make your job harder.

At PCC, we make the process a lot less frustrating for yourself and your team.





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