Complex Technology. Simple mission.

Our mission since 1969 is to provide innovative pollution control solutions to meet our customer’s needs.

Technical Solutions

PCC Thermal Oxidizer

Thermal Oxidizers

Thermal Oxidizers reduce air pollution emissions from a variety of industrial processes.


Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers

Reduce air pollution emissions from a variety of industrial processes.

Pfizer FTO

Flameless Thermal Oxidizers

Performance beyond compliance.

PCC Bio Oxidation

Bio Oxidation

Dual-BioPhase™ Bio Oxidation: a game‐changer in pollution abatement.

PCC Vapor Combustor

Vapor Combustors

Reduce air pollution emissions from a variety of industrial processes

PCC Air Heater

Industrial Air Heaters

PCC has been the preferred worldwide industrial air heater supplier for more than 45 years.

PCC Burner

Burners & Combustors

Low emissions.
High standards.

AirPol Venturi-Title

Scrubber Systems

PCC has joined forces with AirPol!

Core Competencies and Services

Project Management

Every order is assigned an experienced Project Engineer to keep your project on schedule.

Biological System Design

Biologic system design is an art. Not only must the vessel be sized correctly, but also the type of media, bacteria, and nutrients. Everything must work together to have a healthy effective system.

Electrical Design

PCC designs, builds and programs our own electrical panels and systems. The brain of your system must be correct to achieve consistent and proper results. All of our panels are factory tested and checked to insure easy start up for you.

Construction Management

PCC can provide on-site supervision during construction and installation to help keep your project on time, and insure the equipment is installed properly.

Process Engineering

Our Process Engineers use Aspen, CFD, and various other internal programs to analyze and properly design your system.

Mechanical Design

PCC can design your structural supports, platform and ladders, piping and other mechanical components. We internally calculate structural loads to ensure proper design.

Computer Aided Design

PCC conceptualizes and draws all of our own systems. Whether its 2D or 3D, our designers transform the concept into reality always keeping in mind the day to day requirements needed for easy operation.

PCC Logo

System Integration

PCC will design and supply your complete system to ensure everything works together like a well-oiled machine. Our team has experience with all types of APC equipment and the best way to integrate with our oxidation system

Refractory Design

PCC uses our experience to design and supply the most appropriate refractory system for your application. One size does not fit all. Make sure the heart of your system is correct.

System Automation

Making it all work together is the key to any systems success. Our I & C Engineers check and integrate all of your equipment are designed and functioning according to specifications. PCC can assist in integrating all of your equipment into a central DSC system

System Tuning

Routine tuning service on your equipment always for optimal fuel usage and minimum emissions. Whether it’s our system or someone else’s, allow PCC to inspect, adjust, and insure your system is working well.

Markets Served


Technologies to treat waste streams from Basic Chemicals (organic and inorganic chemicals, plastic resins, dyes, and pigments), Specialty Chemicals (adhesives and sealants, water treatment chemicals, plastic additives, catalysts and coatings) and the Agriculture Chemical manufacturing process.


Treatment of waste streams from chemical products derived from petroleum. Specializing in Acrylonitrile and Acrylic Acid processes by using multi-staged technology which results in exceptionally low NOx levels.


Systems to control the waste stream from processes where a crude or semi-finished substance (such as metal, oil, or sugar) is converted (refined) into a finished or higher-grade product.  


PCC’s technical solutions meet all aspects of Tier I, Tier II and Tier III manufacturing processes associated with the automotive industry. Treatment areas range from Dynamometer engine test stations to spray paint booth VOC elimination.


PCC offers alternative solutions to treat a wide range of process in the Pharmaceutical industry. Thermal and Biological Oxidation technologies, including Flameless Thermal Oxidation (FTO) are possible options.


PCC's diverse Oxidation technologies provide the end user with options specific to the treatment of dyes, flame-retardants and other chemical treatments used in the manufacturing and treatment of textiles.

Landfill Gas

PCC offers several options for the treatment of off-gases and other wastes associated with the purification and enhanced processing of landfill and digester gases. From simple to very complex systems, PCC can provide a suitable solution.


PCC has a full range of oxidation/combustion technologies to treat off-gases for most processes associated with the conversion of raw materials into products.


Multiple combustion/oxidation technologies make-up the PCC Solution for industries that are required to treat off-gases from the manufacturing processes specific to the production of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, and zinc; and ferrous materials such as steel. 


PCC’s Oxidation Systems offer both biological and thermal options for the treatment of off-gases and other waste streams associated with the processing, conversion, preparation, preservation, and packaging of foods, food by-products, additives, and beverages.  


PCC provides oxidation / combustion technologies engineered to treat waste streams emanating from the removal of sulfur contaminants from natural gas and petroleum.

Engineered Wood Products

PCC’s unique ability to offer technology options for the treatment of compounds, adhesives and naturally occurring compounds that are present in the off-gas waste streams from the drying and pressing applications utilized in the EWP industry.  Biological and thermal options are available to meet the control requirements of the manufacturer.


PCC offers a full range of technologies used to treat waste streams generated in the manufacture and refining of both activated carbon, carbon fibers,  and carbon black.

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