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In Pittsburgh, innovation isn’t an option. It’s a requirement.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: “The Steel City,” “The City of Bridges,” “Most Livable City,” and home to Process Combustion Corporation (PCC) headquarters since 1969.
Our 50 year history gives us the experience to understand our customer’s needs and concerns, and design our equipment to solve their problems. We also strive to move forward with a culture that consistently invents new and better ways to do what we do: engineer, design, and manufacture combustion heat transfer and pollution control systems for industries worldwide.

Experienced engineers. Efficient systems.

PCC designs, engineers, and supplies thermal oxidizers, afterburners, incineration systems, activated carbon adsorbers, and biofiltration technology that destroys liquids, gases, fumes, vapors, and malodorous compounds. Our engineers are experienced in:

“Through the use of our engineering and application expertise, PCC will design and supply a quality system, delivered on time, which will meet all of your project requirements.” – John Dormire, President, PCC

  • Process engineering
  • Material selection
  • Process design
  • Refractory design
  • Structural design
  • Controls and instrumentation
  • Plant commissioning and startup service
  • Project management
  Our expertise and experience in hazardous waste incineration, VOC destruction, and acid gas systems is complemented by knowledge, understanding and practical know-how of heat recovery boilers, heat exchangers, wet scrubbers, baghouses, and electrostatic precipitators. We serve industries including:
Chemical Converting
Petrochemical Metals
Refining Food
Automobile Wood products
Pharmaceutical Sulfur
Manufacturing Carbon
Textile Pulp and paper
  With more than 1,000 systems successfully operating throughout the world, we’ve custom designed systems for many Fortune 500 companies ranging from $5,000 to more than $11 million.


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