PCC %LEL Calculator

This calculator estimates the %LEL (Lower Explosive Limit) of a given waste gas stream, which is a measure of a mixture's flammability. It also estimates the Limiting Oxygen Concentration (LOC), which is the minimum oxygen concentration in a mixture that will propagate a flame. If a mixture is at or above 100% LEL and has an oxygen concentration that is at or above the LOC, that mixture is considered flammable.

To use the calculator, select the compounds in the waste gas mixture and enter the vol% of each component. If the vol% values entered do not add to 100%, the balance will be assumed as inert (for example, nitrogen).  Note that the compound list included is not exhaustive, and that the calculated values are estimates completed at ambient conditions.

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LEL Calculator

LEL and LOC Calculator

Note that vol% does not need to add to 100%. Calculator will assume the balance is inert for purposes of calculating %LEL and LOC

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Organic Vol%

%Vol Combustibles / LEL

%Vol Combustibles / LOC

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