PCC RTO Calculator

This calculator determines preliminary Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) equipment design and operating costs for a given waste gas stream. If the form outputs an error, a different PCC air pollution control technology may be more suitable for the specified waste gas. PCC can provide detailed process analysis, technology recommendations, emissions guarantees, operating cost estimates, equipment pricing, and other technical support. Please use the contact form at the bottom of page if interested.

If Waste Gas Heat Release is not directly known, consult our Heat Release Calculator to determine this value.

PCC RTO Equipment Design Calculator Test View


Temperature Units
Flow Units
Use LHV, if available

RTO Design Information

The waste gas properties entered are potentially incompatible with an RTO. A traditional thermal oxidizer may be more appropriate.

Total inlet RTO Flow not to exceed 80,000 SCFM. PCC would provide multiple RTO to treat this stream.

Utility Consumption

PCC Preliminary Equipment Specification


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