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Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTO)

Reduce air pollution emissions from a variety of industrial processes.

We put our experience to work for you by thoroughly understanding your process, helping to select the right equipment and optimizing the system's performance to maximize your investment.

With pollution of all types at the forefront of everyone's mind these days, we are more committed than ever to supplying a low emission, simple, reliable, energy efficient and cost-effective means of cleaning tomorrow's air today.

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Years of Experience and Discovery in RTO Technology

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The PCC Difference

Compare the PCC RTO with any others and you'll find these distinct advantages:

Mechanical Valve Drives – So Good, They're Patented

The heart of our RTO is the patented electro-mechanical 4-way poppet valve system. This valve and control system is designed to eliminate the continuous maintenance brought about by the endless movement and slamming of the disk in typical poppet valve RTOs.

Our proven patented mechanical valve drive system operates the flow control dampers smoothly in both two chambers and larger multi-chamber designs. The two valve discs are concurrently reversed by a common camshaft that intermittently, but consistently moves the valve disks between seats in less than 1/2 second. 

The result?

  • Virtually no pressure spikes and contaminant bypass as the valves are tied to one camshaft and operate in unison
  • No leaky/erratic hydraulics that change frequency as the weather dictates
  • No moisture freezing pneumatic lines and cylinders
  • Best of all, no need for maintenance intensive pneumatic or hydraulic operators. This feature alone will substantially increase your savings by minimizing maintenance and equipment downtime.

Integrated Manifolding

The PCC RTO assembly incorporates the inlet and outlet exhaust manifolds into the RTO's overall shell configuration, rather than fabricating the typical network of bulky, exterior space-consuming manifolds. This eliminates external RTO ductwork and insulation, enabling the system to sit flat on a concrete pad without legs.

This streamlined assembly design decreases maintenance costs and creates a compact footprint that is cost-effective to both manufacture and installs.

Exclusive, patented heat recovery media

Our ceramic heat recovery media is an exclusive, patented ultra low-pressure drop media specifically designed for use in PCC's RTOs. The combination of high heat recovery with low-pressure drop results in significantly lower gas and electric usage, as well as higher VOC destruction efficiency, making it one of the most environmentally responsible pollution control units available today.

How PCC's RTO Works

The premise of PCC's RTO design is as simple as 1-2-3:

  • Heat is extracted from the hot purified gas and stored in the reheat recovery chamber as it leaves the combustion chamber.
  • After a period of time, the inlet/outlet valves switch positions and the contaminated process gas is redirected through the hot heat sink recovery chamber (containing Cell Stone® Ultra heat recovery media), where it is preheated to within 5% of the combustion temperature before it enters the combustion chamber.
  • In the combustion chamber, the burner supplements the 5%, bringing its temperature to 1500° F, at which the VOC is converted to harmless CO2 and water vapor.


Guaranteed 99% VOC destruction efficiency

Up to 95% heat transfer efficiency

Completely modular

State of the art controls

Seven industry patents


Global emission regulatory compliance – now and in the future

Lowest operating cost and lower CO2 emissions

Greatest reliability, lowest maintenance cost of any RTO

Quick, 3-day installation

Operator friendly

Proven leader in pollution equipment technology

PCC Integration

With more than 1,000 systems successfully operating throughout the world, we’ve custom designed systems for many Fortune 500 companies ranging from $150,000 to more than $15 million.

PCC has experience working with many systems.  With installations successfully operating in over 35 countries, PCC has the knowledge and experience to integrate a new system with your current operating platform.

International Quality Certification, LLC

PCC's Quality Management System is certified in conformance with the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

PCC's adherence to consistent and predictable systems is a cornerstone of our long-term track record of success.


What our customers are saying...

"PCC... The best-kept secret in the industry."

— Rohm & Haas

"PCC works like a well-oiled machine."

— Louisiana Pigments Company

"We would not be where we are today without the engineering knowledge and efforts, quality of construction, professionalism, and cooperation of your first-class organization."

— Montauk Energy Capital

"PCC's commitment to safety and quality allow completion ahead of schedule, under budget, and safely."

Toray Carbon Fibers America, Inc. 

"PCC's desire to deliver a quality product was apparent throughout all phases of our project, and PCC's overall gas combustion experience resulted in a robust and reliable operating unit."

 FMC Corporation 

"We are very pleased that it was commissioned five weeks earlier than the contract completion date."

National Electrical Carbon 

"PCC was absolutely on time with delivery of our thermal oxidizer... I was quite impressed. All the units we bought from PCC run flawlessly, even after 10 years. We can't calculate a MTBF, because there have been no failures."

Ford Motor Company 


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