Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTO)

Reduce air pollution emissions from a variety of industrial processes.

Watch the PCC RTO in action...


Guaranteed 99% VOC destruction efficiency

Up to 97% Heat Transfer

Completely modular

State of the art controls

Seven industry patents


Global emission regulatory compliance – now and in the future

Low Operating costs, and low CO2 and NOx emissions

Great Reliability, Low maintenance costs

Quick, 3-day installation

Operator friendly

Proven leader in pollution equipment technology

Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) industries include:


Technologies to treat waste streams from Basic Chemicals (organic and inorganic chemicals, plastic resins, dyes, and pigments), Specialty Chemicals (adhesives and sealants, water treatment chemicals, plastic additives, catalysts and coatings) and the Agriculture Chemical manufacturing process.


Treatment of waste streams from chemical products derived from petroleum. Specializing in Acrylonitrile and Acrylic Acid processes by using multi-staged technology which results in exceptionally low NOx levels.


Systems to control the waste stream from processes where a crude or semi-finished substance (such as metal, oil, or sugar) is converted (refined) into a finished or higher-grade product.  


PCC’s technical solutions meet all aspects of Tier I, Tier II and Tier III manufacturing processes associated with the automotive industry. Treatment areas range from Dynamometer engine test stations to spray paint booth VOC elimination.


PCC offers alternative solutions to treat a wide range of process in the Pharmaceutical industry. Thermal and Biological Oxidation technologies, including Flameless Thermal Oxidation (FTO) are possible options.


PCC's diverse Oxidation technologies provide the end user with options specific to the treatment of dyes, flame-retardants and other chemical treatments used in the manufacturing and treatment of textiles.


PCC offers several options for the treatment of off-gases and other wastes associated with manufacturing. From simple to very complex systems, PCC can provide a suitable solution.


PCC has a full range of oxidation/combustion technologies to treat off-gases for most processes associated with the conversion of raw materials into products.


Multiple combustion/oxidation technologies make-up the PCC Solution for industries that are required to treat off-gases from the manufacturing processes specific to the production of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, copper, and zinc; and ferrous materials such as steel. 


PCC’s Oxidation Systems offer both biological and thermal options for the treatment of off-gases and other waste streams associated with the processing, conversion, preparation, preservation, and packaging of foods, food by-products, additives, and beverages.  

Engineered Wood Products

PCC’s unique ability to offer technology options for the treatment of compounds, adhesives and naturally occurring compounds that are present in the off-gas waste streams from the drying and pressing applications utilized in the EWP industry.  Biological and thermal options are available to meet the control requirements of the manufacturer.

Pulp & Paper

PCC provides alternative solutions to treat a wide range of process in the Pulp & Paper industry. RTO and Biological Oxidation are the most compatible options.

PCC Integration

With more than 1,000 systems successfully operating throughout the world, we’ve custom designed systems for many Fortune 500 companies ranging from $150,000 to more than $15 million.

PCC has experience working with many systems.  With installations successfully operating in over 35 countries, PCC has the knowledge and experience to integrate a new system with your current operating platform.

International Quality Certification, LLC

PCC's Quality Management System is certified in conformance with the ISO 9001:2015 standard.

PCC's adherence to consistent and predictable systems is a cornerstone of our long-term track record of success.


What our customers are saying...

"PCC... The best-kept secret in the industry."

— Rohm & Haas

"PCC works like a well-oiled machine."

— Louisiana Pigments Company

"We would not be where we are today without the engineering knowledge and efforts, quality of construction, professionalism, and cooperation of your first-class organization."

— Montauk Energy Capital

"PCC's commitment to safety and quality allow completion ahead of schedule, under budget, and safely."

Toray Carbon Fibers America, Inc. 

"PCC's desire to deliver a quality product was apparent throughout all phases of our project, and PCC's overall gas combustion experience resulted in a robust and reliable operating unit."

 FMC Corporation 

"We are very pleased that it was commissioned five weeks earlier than the contract completion date."

National Electrical Carbon 

"PCC was absolutely on time with delivery of our thermal oxidizer... I was quite impressed. All the units we bought from PCC run flawlessly, even after 10 years. We can't calculate a MTBF, because there have been no failures."

Ford Motor Company 

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