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Burners and combustors: low emissions, high standards.

PCC’s high intensity, multifuel, low NOx burners and combustors have set the standard for quality and reliability. While available in a wide range of standard sizes, we can custom engineer them to meet your unique needs. If desired, we can offer turnkey construction and project management to handle the job from start to finish.

Burners and combustors can burn heavy and light fuel oils, and high calorific value gases either separately or in combination. The burners can be fired in any orientation, and use a staged air design to provide stable combustion which results in low discharge of solids and low CO emissions. Our design allows for a turndown of up to 10:1 for gaseous fuels and 4:1 for liquids.

The PCC burner and combustor employs an oil atomizer when firing a liquid. The atomizer produces a well-defined cone of finely atomized oil using moderate oil pressure combined with compressed air or steam. A gas distribution ring feeds the jets, which injects gas through the port block. When gas is the only fuel, a central gas gun replaces the combination oil atomizer and gas gun assembly.

Standard Burner

The standard burner accepts preheated combustion air up to 575°F. Higher temperatures, up to 850°F, can be used on burners with a heat resistant steel plenum. If required for safety or economy, adding an insulating inner lining to the plenum is an option. The standard burner requires a suitable high temperature space to contain the whole flame initiated by the burner.

OGH Combustor

This combustor combines PCC’s burner with a short refractory-lined air-cooled fire tube to mix fuel and air, initiate a stable flame front and provide a high temperature environment where combustion air is preheated and mixed. This design provides an atmosphere where combustion continues to promote the relatively short and well-defined flame, which exits from the combustor. Limited space is required for completion of combustion.

Combustor designs are available for various heat release and preheated air.


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