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Thermal Oxidizer Back-up Devices

PCC-CAP™ Adsorbers: a proactive solution to eliminate downtime with a backup strategy

Thermal Oxidizer Back-up Diagram

Proactive Solutions to Eliminate Downtime!
Our customers rely on PCC solutions to keep them running. Downtime – even when scheduled – has its costs, and we want to maximize every minute of our customers’ production time. When your operations can’t afford to shutdown, you can maximize runtime with PCC’s proactive solution: Thermal Oxidizer Back-up devices.

Using proven Activated Carbon Adsorption, T.O. Back-up devices offer your process the opportunity for seamless operation. Thermal Oxidizer back-up systems can be easily installed and integrated into your digital control system to support your Thermal Oxidizer or RTO equipment.

Customized to Keep You Running
Activated Carbon Adsorbers are a PCC solution to keep your operations running around the clock. Applying our expertise in thermal oxidation, PCC partners with its customers to develop the back-up strategy that is right for your plant.

PCC-CAP™ Adsorbers are designed with the advantages of:
    • Customization
    • Easy Installation
    • Minimal footprint
    • Flexibility for wide ranges of flows
    • Automation for quick switchover

    Keep your plant running with a PCC Backup solution for your Thermal Oxidizer or RTO!


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