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Industrial Process Carbon Adsorbers

PCC-CAP™ Adsorbers: a sure-fire approach to removing industrial VOCs

Carbon Adsorbers for Industrial Processes
Rigorous environmental emission regulations dictate that industrial facilities limit the release of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) with vapor emission control systems. Vapor phase activated carbon adsorbers are ideal for eliminating or minimizing the emission of VOCs from a wide range of industrial processes including:

    • Storage tank emissions from daily/seasonal temperature changes
    • Tank filling product transfer operations
    • Continuous process vents & reactor vents
    • Railcar, tank truck, and barge loading
    • Tank cleaning

Advantages for industry

  • Efficient for treating contaminated vapor streams with low VOC levels
  • Flexible for both continuous and batch operations
  • Proven to remove VOCs, including Halogenated Organics & BTEX
  • Suitable for a wide range of waste gas flow rates, from 20 cfm to >20,000 cfm

Industrial Air Treatment for Vapor Emissions
The rising emphasis on cleaner air poses new challenges for industry to treat contaminants at air emission sources. Activated carbon adsorbers are utilized to capture VOCs and other toxic air pollutants from petrochemical plants, land fill sites, manufacturing operations, and chemical processing facilities.

Industrial Odor Removal
There are many industrial processes where odor removal is the primary reason for air treatment. These odors are generally in the vapor phase and tend to contain sulfur compounds such as H2S and other odorous compounds.

Activated carbon is an effective adsorbent media for odor removal from vapor phase streams. PCC-CAP™ Adsorbers are excellent at capturing the odor-causing compounds in industrial applications.


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