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PCC RTO Equipment Design Calculator

PCC RTO Equipment Design Calculator

This calculator is intended to assess whether a particular waste gas stream is compatible to be treated by an RTO. If the form outputs an error, an RTO may still be viable. Alternatively, a Direct-Fired Thermal Oxidizer may be suitable. Note that PCC can provide a more detailed process analysis, emissions guarantees, pricing. Use the included contact form at the bottom of page if interested.

Note that the primary inputs required for the calculator are Waste Gas Flow and Waste Gas Heat Release. Note that the Waste Gas Flow requires units of SCFM or Nm^3/hr. If you do not have flow in this measurement and the gas stream is primarily composed of air, a reasonable assumption is that 4.5 lb/hr of air is equal to 1 SCFM. If Waste Gas Heat Release is not directly known, consult our Heat Release Calculator to determine this value.


Temperature Units
Flow Units

RTO Design Information

The waste gas properties entered are potentially incompatible with an RTO. A traditional thermal oxidizer may be more appropriate.

Total inlet RTO Flow not to exceed 80,000 SCFM. PCC would provide multiple RTO to treat this stream.

Utility Consumption

PCC Preliminary Equipment Specification