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Landfill Gas Thermal Oxidizer

Landfill Gas Thermal Oxidizers

PCC has been supplying thermal oxidizers to the landfill gas industry for nearly 30 years. Over that period, we have gained the knowledge necessary to provide the most effective and well-engineered solutions to our customers.
Our thermal oxidizers can use “street grade” natural gas, raw landfill gas, and/or some of the partially processed high Btu gases derived from the customer’s process as fuel fur the burner. In some cases, heat recovery in the form of a heat exchanger is essential to provide heated streams to regenerate the media beds used in the landfill gas processing plants. Heat recovery is also added to the Thermal Oxidizer for preheating the combustion air to the burner to minimize fuel consumption.

  • DRE (Destruction Rate Efficiency) up to 99.99%
  • Control simplicity equals reliability
  • Dual burner means reliable on-line service
  • Refractory selection means long service life
  • Permeate waste stream injected
  • Multi Fuel options

Figure 1 – Modern Landfill Diagram

Modern Landfill Diagram

Thermal Oxidizer Advantages:

  • Controlled Combustion
  • Lower emissions
  • Heat recovery option (Boiler, Hx)
  • Adaptable to stream variations
  • Durable, low maintenance
  • Fuel options – NG, LFG, waste, high BTU
  • High turndown with multiple burners

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